Friday, April 15, 2011

What's in a name?

We like to name things.  We give each other names, we give objects names, we give ideas names, and then we use those names to share understanding with each other.  If I say "Rabbit" you know what type of animal I'm thinking about.

I've been thinking about names a lot lately - I recently attended a conference where I become convinced that I needed an education blog.  I have one that I'm (admittedly) not very good at keeping up with, but I wanted one to share my education related thoughts, and things I find, with others.

So, the name of my new three words?  I tried to chose the words that I felt most applied to how I teach and live my professional life.

Learn - I'm always learning.  Every morning I happily take a cup of coffee and read my blogroll, or Twitter, or both.  I learn from my students, and happily let them know it.

Teach - My profession, and why I love going to work in the morning.  I enjoy "turning on the light bulb" of learners of any age, and try to share my knowledge and skills.  I also want this blog to be where I can have others teach either through sharing ideas they have, or applying what I've learned from others to a new idea.

Lead - Leadership in education can come from everywhere and anyone.  Leadership happens in my classroom when I provide my students the opportunity to lead each other and myself.  I try and take leadership roles with others to share what I have learned, thus starting at the beginning of the cycle again of learning, teaching, and creating leaders.

So, on to new adventures in education, and sharing my (many) thoughts with the world.

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