Sunday, October 23, 2011

Project Based Learning - Learning For All :)

It's been an adventure in my Math and Science 8 classrooms.  PBL is in full swing, and I'm learning just as much as the kids in terms of what needs to be done.

The first - my gosh is submission management important.  While I have great rubrics that allow me to assess pretty much any type of submission, because there are so many different types, I'm having trouble figuring out the best way to keep them all.

Videos are too big to email, written things have to get integrated with computer generated things, pictures have to be sent and then stored somewhere (or printed?), etc.  You get the idea - I'm longing for the ability to post things to an online repository, and as a school we're moving towards that....

I also have to make sure that everyone is able to demonstrate their knowledge in the group - it's been eye opening to ask a student a fact that their group has put down and see them draw a complete blank.  Even students who make amazing things (cell cake?  Awesome labs?) still have difficulty fully explaining the concept they just showed me.

Perhaps there is something to the "lecture for a bit", or perhaps I'm just too hyper vigilant about the curriculum.

Overall, I've been getting fantastic feedback from all stakeholders in the projects, and it's coming along nicely.

Science 8 is going to start putting together Chapter 1, so hopefully I'll have something more concrete to share later.

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