Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1:1 Physics - An Adventure

I was able to get complete access to my Maclab for my physics 11 class this year.  This is going to be a bit of an adventure in figuring out if a) desktops are going to work like laptops, b) laptops are going to be helpful at all, and c) if I wish I had something else instead!

All the reading I've done says that these computers should be helpful in class.  I promote them to my colleagues in my position as academic tech coordinator, so it's about time to walk-the-walk.

A bit of an overview, and then in subsequent posts I'll  talk about some of the specific uses.

We're going to be using Google Apps for Education to share documents and collaborate amongst ourselves.  I anticipate, in addition to using Google Apps on a regular basis, to be using some various web resources with these computers.

My concern, and we'll see if this manifests, is that because of external requirements such as curriculum, "preparing them for the future", and overal "academic rigor", I wont be able to focus as much as I'd like on these machines.  We'll see!

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