Thursday, October 4, 2012

1:1 Physics - The Power of Google

The 1:1 experiment is testing my abilities to come up with good, useful questions.  It's also allowing me to make some fantastic connections to everything...

The students have gotten into the habit of using the computers to answer the "quick" questions I'd usually throw out - "Who can remember the acceleration due to gravity" or "Do the conversion between kilometers and decameters".  The danger of course is that these are things they will have to know on a test, so while the computers have certainly made the class go faster, I have warned them about the possibilities of them not actually learning this material.

The larger picture, as I keep coming back to, is - do I care that they "learn" the conversion?  Yes, if you read back in posts, I really do care - I think that knowledge is important and memorizing, working with and regurgitating information has it's place in education.  Thus, while the computers have helped, we'll see what ends up happening.

On another Google note - I'm loving the ability to have them turn in their assignments without email.  Having it just appear in my Google Drive is excellent and really saves me having to wade through masses of email.

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